Open Source Intelligence

Open Source Intelligence is an emerging business intelligence discipline that involves collecting, processing and analysing information from publicly available sources such as the surface web, deep web or dark web and social media to gain deeper insights into business challenges, geostrategic risks, emerging threats, cyber breach and insider risks.


The JCPOA, USA and Iran

Following the USA’s “hard-exit” from the JCPOA deal with Iran, our analysts take a closer look at what strategic actions Iran could take in retaliation. We provide eight possible courses of action that Iran could use to destabilise US strategic interests.

Cyber Threat Hunting

Cyber threat hunting is a proactive strategy to detect threats that evade traditional approaches to security operations. Find out how we can help you gain maximum visibility into active threats in your network.

Geopolitics and Cyberwar

Cultivating Cyber Norms

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Our Managing Partner, John Daniele delivers a talk on building Cyber Threat Intelligence capabilities and programs to the 2018 Federation of Security Professionals Conference held at the RBC Centre in Toronto, Canada.

His key message to Canada’s banking and finance community is that “intelligence informs decision making”. If the outcome of your organisation’s cyber threat intelligence program does not produce actionable insights that inform decision making, then what is being done cannot be aptly called intelligence. John further articulates that “the craft of threat intelligence is not merely the presentation of data, but involves the deep analysis of data to gain a deeper and more contextualised understanding”.

If your threat intelligence program is not the decisive factor in your organisation’s executive decision making process, reach out to us today and we can help better structure your program from defining priority requirements to collection, analysis, grading, scoring and operationalising your cyber threat intelligence.

Our services

Penetration Testing

Our cybersecurity professionals have extensive experience in the assessment and testing of web-based business applications, sensitive corporate networks and critical infrastructure environments. Our offensive security team is comprised of skilled hackers with active cyber operations experience gained from their work with government and defense organizations in Canada and abroad. Let our team help you identify exposed assets, unpatched systems and vulnerable application code within your environment.

Managed Detection and Response

We have developed an MDR technology stack and supporting threat hunting methodology to identify advanced threats that normally evade detection. Our approach involves the systematic and continuous search through networks and endpoints, looking for data anomalies and outliers that indicate threat activity. Our security orchestration and automation playbooks can help your organization better scale its incident response capabilities and become more resilient to attack.

Red Team Operations

Our firm delivers cyber attack simulation services to business and government in the form of tabletop and live fire exercises. Our engagements begin with an adversary modeling activity, where we carefully define the tactics, techniques and procedures that we will emulate within our exercises. This helps to ensure the success of our red team engagements by enabling our clients to more accurately assess their cyber resilience against the adversaries they are more likely to encounter in the real world.

Cyber Breach Response

Our incident responders have provided assessment, detection and response services to clients in the metals and mining sector affected by cyber breach. The strategic risks associated with cyber attack are often not well understood and not well managed by internal IT staff. We provide a multidisciplinary team of forensic professionals, malware analysts, crisis management and public relations professionals to help manage the investigation and recovery efforts associated with cyber breach.

Digital Forensics

Our security professionals have extensive experience in providing digital investigative support to law enforcement agencies and law firms across Canada. We have provided technical guidance in support of applications for Mareva Injunctions and Anton Piller orders. We have also participated in the implementation of legal Production Orders.

Managed Vulnerability Assessment

We provide a comprehensive technology stack to help our clients with their vulnerability management needs. Our professionals can help architect and deploy leading vulnerability management products and solutions as well as execute scans against your infrastructure to report on known vulnerabilities. We also provide detailed dashboard reporting and will help communicate identified risks to executives and your corporate board.

Cybersecurity Assessment

Our Cyber Maturity Assessments are a great way for any organization to understand the maturity of their security operations. With this knowledge, your business stakeholders are better informed to define your organization’s cybersecurity investment roadmap!


Cyber Threat Intelligence

Let us show you how to get the most out of your cybersecurity investment. Our cyber intelligence specialists can help you deploy tools to better enrich the data provided by your SOC/SIEM. Our managed services can help you derive more contextual insights from your existing security data to discover more relevant threats to your business.

Open Source Intelligence

Open Source Intelligence or OSINT is the collection and analysis of data from publicly available sources such as the surface, deep and dark web or social media. Our unique approach to OSINT can help provide actionable intelligence and meaningful insights in support of geostrategic risk, cybersecurity risk or investigations and corporate due-diligence mandates.

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What our client say

John Daniele possesses one of the most impressive skill sets I’ve come across in the infosec industry. John has the ability to effectively bridge the gap between technical specialists and executives.

N. Douba

John Daniele is a pillar of integrity, a renaissance man who exudes positive energy. As a team leader, he distinguishes himself with honour and class and is respected by everyone he works with.

R. Brooks